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Are You Happy With Your Career?

Author: Carrie Wallis May 2018

career happiness

Do you find yourself waking up on a Monday morning with that dreaded sinking feeling?

Do you spend your working week eagerly awaiting the weekend?

I used to be the same. It was an extremely well-paid job and yet satisfaction and fulfillment were missing.

It takes considerable courage to get yourself out of such a situation. Doubts can fill your mind. Your focus tends to linger on all the things that can go wrong.

However, it IS possible. I succeeded in taking control of my career and for the past 20 years, do not consider that I work at all and yet earn far more than I used to as a Head of Department. 

It is a fact that when we work at what we truly love and is right for us the income comes. It may be achieved through a job or, as in my own case, through starting up your own business.

It is important to first identify what it is that we would love to do. This may sound obvious but for many is elusive. 

So let us consider what makes a satisfying career?

I would love to hear from anyone with a view on this, feel free to contribute, and let's get talking.

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About The Author

Carrie Wallis, Author and founder of the "From Strangers 2 Clients to Champions" client attraction system for helping professionals, has been successfully running her own business and finding clients in the online space since 2000. Over the years she has supported countless Life Coaches and Counsellors to build their own practice and find clients and loves nothing more than seeing her clients enjoy the time freedom that comes from having an automated marketing funnel in place. When she is not serving her clients she can be found chilling with her beloved family or out walking in the Australian bush.