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Here's How I Help

We will start with a detailed review and analysis of where you are currently at with your business and marketing. I am eager to learn about you, your needs, and your goals. You get to tap into my experience to clarify what is stopping you from being where you want to be.

From there we map out the shortest path from where you are now to where you want to be; defining the support you need to implement.

You get a clear set of actions and tailored support for the areas that will get you results fast.

Services are available in all areas of marketing including the foundations of your business personality, who you want to serve and the services you provide. Credibility and presence - how you show up in the online space, how your brand is perceived and what to do to build credibility online so people actively seek out your services. What to do to attract and connect with your ideal clients through to ways to build trust and relationship so that you get to enjoy having people eager to work with you.

You get to streamline productivity as you develop and implement a marketing strategy that gets results even if you have limited time or funds.

Marketing Strategy

Every business owner is different. Cookie cutter solutions do not work. You need a strategy that is as unique as you are.

Tailor your marketing to your unique personality. Utilise your strengths so you can present an authentic face online for your business.

Consulting Sessions

Whether for an hour or a day, we'll sit down with you and your team to build a complete strategy for success.

Enjoy personal coaching to support you as you design, develop and implement each phase of your marketing.

Laser Coaching

Stay on track with regular check-in sessions, ideal for busy professionals who just need more hours in the day.

Get into action and get your marketing done with unlimited laser coaching.


Save time with our done-for-you service.

For those who fear technology and don't have the time to learn we will craft your email sequences, design an irresistible offer and develop landing pages that convert.

Specific Areas of Focus:

Below you will find just some of the areas we support our clients with. Choose the specific area that you need help for or opt for the complete 'From Strangers to Clients' system.


Attract the type of people you would love to work with through:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • SEO
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Brand design and awareness


Connect with your ideal clients through:

  • Irresistible lead magnets
  • High converting landing pages
  • List subscription
  • Membership sites
  • Web design


Develop lasting relationships with prospects so they stay with you for years through:

  • Email design and automation
  • Email scripts
  • Webinar design & development
  • Automated funnels
  • A loyal community of followers


Enjoy effortless conversations with prospects so they are eager to work with you by:

  • Crafting an irresistible invitation to work with you
  • Course development and creation
  • Coaching group design and implementation

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Click the button below to schedule time to talk. On this call we will:

  • Define where you want your business to be in 12 months
  • Identify what has stopped you from being where you want to be
  • Map out the fastest path to get you results

Meet Carrie Wallis

Carrie Wallis is a best-selling author, coach, speaker and educator. She primarily works with solo business owners who are struggling with their marketing and tend to self-sabotage. Carrie help's them stop the negative self-talk and shows how to build trusting relationships with prospects that lead to a natural and effortless sign-up process.

When Carrie started her coaching business she didn't know what she was doing with marketing. Although she was able to attract a few clients these were sporadic with hit and miss marketing. That was until her husband died in 2008 when she realised she had to get more clients fast and more consistently or face returning to the corporate world - something she vowed she would never do. She loved working from home, able to be there for her young family who needed her more than ever when their father died.

As the sole breadwinner, she knuckled down, spent hours studying top marketing gurus, took marketing qualifications and through trial, error and bloody-minded determination she was finally able to find a way to consistently attract new leads who then signed up for her services. Achieving high-end 5-figure income in under 6-months.

This work forms the basis of her 'From Strangers to Clients' client-attraction system. Work with Carrie to tap into her wealth of expertise and enjoy her reputation for under-promising and over-delivering.

What our clients say

"Carrie is knowledgeable and wise and has a generosity of spirit that is rarely matched. She delights in under-promising and over-delivering. As I write this, I have just been listening to her follow-up to one of her online programs that were jam-packed with value, easy to do exercises and great videos that clearly showed me what to do to engage with my audience."

- Dr Stephanie Stanfield Energy Healer

"The best training on client attraction I have ever attended. In the past, I have found that marketing information and courses were either too basic or too complex and would often go over my head so by the time I wanted to implement it all became too hard. Carrie is able to provide marketing information in a structured way at the right pace so that I am able to implement immediately. My biggest takeaway? Marketing doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming!"

- Tatjana Domazet Counsellor

"Since I have worked with Carrie, my client base has increased 3-fold and is continuing to increase faster than I ever anticipated. Along with this some of her insuppressible enthusiasm has rubbed off on me and I am now more positive and outgoing than before.

~ Mike Underwood Counsellorency