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Do you...

  • Constantly put out fires every day in your business?

  • Feel demoralised, frustrated, and stuck like nothing you do is ever good enough?

  • Feel like a shadow - you're present in the room, but no one sees or hears you?

  • Exhaust yourself, just trying to stay afloat in stormy waters?

  • Hit wall after wall in your business, wondering when will it end?

  • Hear the same voice in your head every day? A voice that says you aren’t good enough?

If so, that’s understandable. I can tell you why and, more importantly, how to get off the hamster wheel of self-doubt and begin making the difference you always knew you could. 

It all starts with asking yourself this question…

"What needs to change for me to grow?"

Here’s what trips up so many new coaches… When you're in a rut, it’s easy to keep jumping from one thing to another without even knowing if it will bring you results. You might post a few times on LinkedIn, write a few blog posts, record a few podcast episodes, and yet clients are still not lining up for coaching. 

Fear and doubt start to kick in. You start to wonder what you’re doing wrong. After countless marketing podcasts, webinars, events, and online courses, you still can’t quite figure out why your business is stuck. 

And when you're at your lowest… that’s exactly when your inner critic speaks the loudest. 

That inner critic is working full time in your head, telling you that you don't have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. And then you start to question your ability as a coach and as a business owner.

But what separates the new coaches from the experienced ones isn’t a lack of challenges. In fact, entrepreneurs experience tougher and tougher problems as they grow their business. The real difference lies in how they confidently handle those challenges, even when they don’t know all the answers. That is why the foundation of a strong business is a leader who has confidence. No successful business is built without a confident leader.

"The investment... has paid back tenfold,"

I am happier, so my employees are happier. Because they are happier, they are more productive. My clients notice the happy environment, so enjoy doing business with my company, and so spend more! It is my belief that the investment I made in my self-development has paid back tenfold and will continue to keep on paying for years to come."

R Holmes

how would your business be different if you were a confident coach?

Imagine this: from the moment you sit down at your desk, you know exactly what you need to work on to grow your business. Instead of “faking it till you make it,” you're confident in your business strategy because you know it will bring results. And if it doesn’t, you’re certain you’ll be able to pivot effectively. 

Sound good? It’s just one benefit of true self-confidence. 

When you step into your zone of confidence, the priorities in your business start to shift, and you’re able to handle challenges differently, so you can take your business to the next level.

Work starts to feel more like play, because you’re free to be creative again. You have more time to do the things that you love. And best of all… you can stop worrying whether you’re going to be able to pay your bills next month. With that kind of security, you finally have the peace of mind and the freedom you’ve been craving since you started coaching.

Plus, confidence in your business will also help you:

  • Be more productive. When you’re not paralyzed with doubt, you get more done in the same amount of time.

  • Build stronger relationships with your clients, motivating them to feel energised, excited, and productive while working with you. 

  • Bring in more clients because your positive energy is contagious.

  • Deliver better results for your clients, which leads to repeat business and more referrals.

  • Handle criticism and feedback with grace. A comment about your business is not necessarily a comment about you, and being confident in that helps you make changes quickly, without taking criticisms too personally.

  • Turn any crisis into an opportunity because you trust yourself to make the best possible decision for your business.

In just a few moments, I’ll walk you through exactly how you can go from feeling stuck in your business to leading a thriving coaching practise…

But Before I Show You How to Build Confidence as a Coach, Let Me Introduce Myself …

I’m Carrie Wallis, the founder of Enlighten U Solutions for confident prosperity. 

Since the early 2000’s I’ve been passionately empowering coaches, counsellors, and consultants show up at their best in their business and their clients. I’ve also been a keynote speaker for major coaching institutions like ICF and the Australian Counselling Association. 

Throughout my career, I’ve helped thousands of professionals, coaches, course creators, and counsellors from all over the world smash their self-doubt and build self-trust so they can succeed in their business. 

"Carrie has truly transformed my life."

Carrie has truly transformed my life. She has somehow managed to push the reset button for me, and I am, and will remain very grateful to her for this. For those of you who are considering coaching with Carrie, I would say "Go for it, Today." You will not regret it, and you owe it to yourself. It is absolutely essential that you invest in yourself, and in order to take the next step forward, you need to be able to break away from the chains that are holding you back."

Susan H

Shine in Your Business With Confidence

Let me share a secret with you…no one’s born confident. 

Confidence is a skill you build throughout your life. Which means you have the opportunity to build your inner strength and step into your best self, right now! 

When you step into your confidence, you're able to:

  • Be recognized as a thought leader in your industry.

  • Create a meaningful and positive impact on your community and the world.

  • Identify and seize opportunities with complete trust in yourself.

  • Easily connect with other passionate industry experts who are empowering others, so you can build a network of even more resources and expertise.

  • Take your business to the next level so you can maximise your impact on your clients and make a difference in their lives – and the world. 

But here’s the thing…

Confidence is a social skill, which means you need other people around you to help build that muscle. In order to strengthen your confidence, you need both online learning and confidence coaching.

That is why I am opening the doors to confidently you

Confidently You is a 5-week program that will help you develop your assertiveness and presence as an entrepreneur. It is a proven playbook to guide you in building trust and belief in yourself. 

Here’s the breakdown…

Week 1: Why is Confidence so Elusive? 

Before you can step into your zone of confidence, you need to know precisely how to define it. Faking it till you make it is not the end goal here. And in week 1, you’ll identify your confidence blockers so you can begin removing those barriers immediately.

Week 2: Your Confidence Story. 

Your stories hold power over how you see yourself. When you look at the stories you tell yourself, do they support you? Or do they hold you back from your true potential? By pulling back this curtain, you’ll be able to ask yourself, “Who is writing my confidence story, and what role do I play in it?”  

When you discover how your confidence story impacts your business, you can start to shift the narrative toward a bolder, empowered version of yourself. 

Week 3: Build Confident Thinking

Now that you examined your confidence story and your blockers, it’s time to start laying the foundation for your new, confident self. Starting with the 5 Pillars of Confidence, you will begin shifting your mind from uncomfortable… to unshakeable.

Week 4: The Inner Critic

Now it’s time to silence your inner critic. So instead of having a little voice questioning everything you do, you’ll be able to go through your day without ever hearing even a whisper of criticism from inside. 

Week 5: Create Unshakeable Confidence

In the final week, you will bring everything together. You’ll know what your inner pillars of strength are so you can lean on them. You’ll have an inner fire guiding you. And your confidence will be rooted in who you are at your core. 

Your priorities in your business will change from putting out fires to empowering your clients. Instead of being pulled in all directions, you're tackling challenges with ease. And over time, your business will become more profitable and sustainable. 

Here’s how it will work…

Each week, you will join a group confidence-building call to go over the weekly lessons and a personal lab training call to expand your confidence zones. 

In the personal labs, you’ll have coaching to help you practise speaking confidently. And you’ll be able to track your progress with an assertiveness score card. 

Of course, all weekly calls are recorded and will be made available for you to rewatch at any time.  

There will also be additional worksheets, templates, cheat sheets, and checklists each week. These resources will help you rewire your brain for confidence.

in addition to the base program, you'll also receive these two

confidence-building bonuses

Bonus #1: Imposter to Empowered

Take a deep dive into which of the 5 imposter syndrome personas is holding you back and blocking you from believing in your own self-worth.

This program will walk you through how the imposter phenomenon starts, and the effects it has on your sense of self.

You'll discover clear strategies to beat your imposter type for good. 

Bonus #2: Release Your Strength

Most strength profiles will only look at what skills you're good at. 

But the 'Release Your Strength' Profile will assess you based on a list of 60 different strengths from the VIA Institute. Your profile will not only show you what skills you're good at but whether those skills energise you or drain you. After all, you can be good at something and hate doing it - and that is not considered a strength.

Your 'Release Your Strength' Profile will be chock full of information, including your strength type, things you're good at but don’t bring you energy, your hidden strengths, and your underused strengths. You will know exactly what strengths you should lean on, and how, making you unstoppable. 

are you ready to build unshakeable confidence?

When you sign up today, you’ll receive…

Confidently You - Valued at $2997

A transformative 5-week program aimed to help you ignite your inner fire, command attention with your presence, and build unshakeable faith in your abilities through … 

  • 5 weeks of online self-discovery learning, with worksheets, cheat sheets, templates, and checklists to give you a strong foundation for your new future.

  • Individual assertiveness lab training to help you hold your boundaries and advocate for yourself.

  • Weekly group calls so you can build your trust in your abilities with the help of the people around you.

  • Recordings of all of your sessions so you can review your learnings whenever you need an extra push

Plus these helpful bonuses…

Bonus #1 Imposter to Empowered - Valued at $997

Identify what your imposter syndrome style is, and how to overcome it. 

Bonus #2 Release Your Strengths - Valued at $187

Your personal strengths profile shows you exactly what your best skills are and what energises you. 

That’s a value of $4,181… But right now, they can be all yours for only $997. 

And I want to take it one step further and show you just how committed I am to helping you not only step into your zone of confidence but expand it too. 

If you go through Confidently You, Imposter to Empowered, and Release your Strength, and you're not radiating deep inner confidence, I will work with you individually for 30 days in laser coaching to help shatter any lingering beliefs that are holding you back … at no extra cost.

"I have now doubled my earnings."

Thank you for pushing me. I never thought it would be possible to achieve the income I have so soon. I have now doubled my earnings and have clients lined up. It is an amazing feeling."

D. Marchant

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this program is right for me?

Confidently You is perfect for coaches and consultants looking to shift from feeling uncomfortable in their business to running their own business with certainty and poise. As you build your confidence, your priorities in your business will change. You’ll be able to handle challenges differently, leading you to take your business to the next level.

I'm so busy. What if I don't have enough time to complete the program?

It’s okay to be busy. Being busy in your business is not a bad thing! That is why I have built the program to cater to business owners who are overwhelmed doing everything in their business.

During the program, we will go over what your confidence story is, which includes your role in your business. Also, all calls are recorded and made available in the event you're unable to attend one of the weekly calls.

I need some time to think about it... How long do I have before I need to decide?

Joining a program like this can be a big decision. That’s why it’s important for you to look at where your business is at and where you want to take your business moving forward. However, this offer won't be around forever. Confidently You will only be available until 30 Jan 2024 because we get started 6th Feb.

Joining Confidently You is a commitment to change. You’ll learn how to finally build unwavering self-trust, so you can lead your business to sustainable growth. If you're ready to elevate your confidence and change the trajectory of your business, sign up today.

I don't know if I can afford it. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Payment plans are available at $549 payments for 2 months or save ($100) with one full payment of $997.

Simply select your payment choice at checkout.

are you ready to build unshakeable confidence?

When you sign up today, you'll receive...

  • Confidently You (worth $2,997!), including 5 weeks of learning, group calls, individual coaching, and more.

  • Free Bonus #1 - Imposter to Empowered (worth $997!)

  • Free Bonus #2 - Step into your Strength ($187)

For a total value of $4,181… available to you now for the limited-time price of only $997.

And you have my confident guarantee! If you complete the program and still haven’t achieved a breakthrough, I will work with you for 30 days in laser-focused coaching. 

But hurry! Confidently You will only be available until 31 Mar 2024

Take action now so you can step into your zone of confidence and: 

  • Show up your best every day, get more done in less time, and feel energised.

  • Feel empowered even when you’re faced with tough challenges, because you know your strengths.

  • Attract more clients, bringing in more income to grow your business.

You can build the thriving business you deserve! Your success begins when you make the decision to leave doubt behind and step into your best self.

So, click the button below and join Confidently You today!

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