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Foundations For Marketing Success

Set yourself up the right way To ensure your success

By the end of the program you will be clear what makes you different, who you serve, how you help and have crafted a message that resonates with your ideal audience.

You'll even have mapped out your first 90 days to Profit.

Get yourself off to a flying start, join now.

"This workshop was by far the best training on client attraction I have ever attended. The structure of the training was excellent, information easy to understand, practical tips priceless."

~Tatajana D Counsellor

  • Are you just starting out, trying to get established as a counsellor, coach or course creator?

  • Are you confused or overwhelmed, not sure what to do first?

  • Maybe you're already established but struggling to attract a steady stream of new clients?

If this is you, get started, or re-start, the right way.

Join my "From Strangers to Clients - Foundations for Success" self-paced program to make sure you set yourself up for business longevity in a way that is easy to maintain.

Know the core elements you must get right from the start.

Present yourself to your market in a way that clearly shows your point of difference, why they should work with you and feels comfortable for your personality.

Get your messaging right to find, attract & enrol people as excited to work with you as you are with them.

Why Set Solid Foundations?

An essential ingredient for any successful small business or private practice is clients. Obvious, huh?

Yet even experienced Counsellors & Coaches struggle in the crowded online space to attract the clients they want to work with.

Much of this struggle can be traced back to unclear messaging and a lack of differentiation of your service from all the others out there.

To thrive, it is vital to regularly attract new clients, yet the online world can seem a mysterious and sometimes scary place.

Concerns over data protection and client privacy, not to mention the numerous scams that exist can put even the most hardened professional off marketing their services online.

This practical program makes sure you get started the right way so you avoid costly mistakes and time-consuming back tracking.

You'll recognise what's unique about you and see how to present that to your audience in a way that is appealing and attracts people to you.

many solo business owners struggle to find success

The sad truth is that many professionals get started in business without a plan, no clear structure and send mixed messages to their target audience.

The result of this is potential clients feel confused, don't recognise the value the coach, counsellor offers, so don't believe they can be helped and seek support elsewhere.

Both time, and money, is wasted having to back track, redo websites, stuck in the loop of having to try something different, hoping it will work next time.

This "suck it and see" approach to marketing is doomed to failure.

Without a clear message map for your business you could damage your reputation, lose a ton of money, get disheartened and potentially give up.

It would be a shame if the people you know you can help and make a difference for, miss out because of poorly thought-out marketing strategies that are not sustainable.

Any of this sound familiar?

Why is getting started with marketing such a struggle for so many?

The problem is that those who jump in without a well-considered strategy that fits their personality use what Jeff Walker termed "hope marketing".

Hope marketing is where you throw a ton of "mud at the wall" in the hope that some of it will stick. In marketing terms this looks like the following:

You hear you need to be on social media and so set up accounts on Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook and maybe even Linked In as well, but then post infrequently. Or post regularly but don't know what to say.

You hear the fastest way to attract new clients is to pay for ads and so you start using Facebook ads and maybe even Google Ads too, but end up spending $000's for little or no return.

You hear that having a blog is a good idea and so you create one, but only post every now and then. Or use AI generated content that is generic and not captivating.

Hope marketing is where you try a little bit of everything, but have no coherent strategy. Your marketing is unfocused and draining.

Hope marketing is doomed to failure because it does not recognise your uniqueness.

Hope marketing feels inauthentic and can quickly lead to frustration, burnout and maybe even bankruptcy!

How do I know this?

I used to be a hope marketer! When I started my business way back in 2000, I hated the idea of selling myself, thought marketing and sales were sleazy, "dirty words". I had no idea what I was doing, and as a result my results were hit and miss: I'd enrol a few clients, but then go for months and months with no one new.

Sound familiar?

The few clients I did manage to sign on were great, but I never fully understood what had led to those enrolments, as a result it was hard to repeat those successes. I felt I was always starting from scratch. It was exhausting and costly.

Is this where you're at?

what will happen if you continue using costly and time-consuming methods to find clients?

  • There will be no new clients entering your business

  • You may find yourself forced to give up your practice

  • You may even have to return to a job where your time is not your own

  • The risk of burnout is a very real possibility

  • You may face ridicule, feeling a failure

How did I turn things around?

Things changed for me when sadly my husband died of cancer and I found myself alone, with no inheritance, little more than a hobby income and two young children to support.

I had to turn things around FAST, or face going back to the corporate world, something I vowed I'd never do, with its long hours and glass ceilings.

So, I got to work, studied successful marketers, took courses and made a focused effort to test a wide range of strategies in a structured and co ordinated way, keeping what worked, discarding what didn't.

I also spent time researching the psychology of selling to identify exactly what makes people say "yes".

I stepped back and looked at the foundations for my business, clarified my messaging, defined what was different about my service and got real clear on who I serve.

What happened?

Within just six short months, I had managed to sign on twenty new clients, each paying a premium rate and I was generating over 100 new engaged leads each week. This meant I knew exactly where my next clients were coming from.

This freed up my time to spend with the clients I was now enjoying working with, and, most importantly, gave me time to support my children through their grief process at the loss of their dad, and give myself time to grieve as well.

The process I developed as a result of this work is what forms the basis of my "From Strangers to Clients" client attraction system.

'From Strangers to Clients' is a simple system that is easy to repeat with much of it able to be automated.

The first step for moving Strangers to become Clients is to make sure you have solid foundations. Have clarity in your messaging and use a strategy that fits who you are.

Many believe, falsely, that to be successful you need to be like everyone else. Trust me, this couldn't be further from the truth. I learnt the hard way that when you show your authentic self in a way that feels comfortable people are drawn to you.

When you craft a message that is unique and clearly shows the value you deliver, people start asking to work with you. No longer do you need to throw it 'out there' and hope for the best.

You're able to relax, enjoy the process and security that comes when you know where your next client is coming from.

The Key?

A key part of my system is finding your unique voice, creating a marketing strategy that utilises your 'pot of gold' strengths so you enjoy the process and find it easy to repeat.

What's a 'pot of gold strength'? These are capabilities and strengths you may not even realise you have., and yet when they are utilised work feels effortless and fun.

This, combined with creating a seamless flow from first contact (with strangers who might be looking for the service you offer), through to enrolment as a client makes my system sustainable.

Sustainability is key. You're in business for the long haul, right? You don't want a system that creates dependency on anyone else. You want to know what to do and how to do it in a way that is easy to implement and easy to replicate.

I know I've done my job when you no longer need me!

In today's sophisticated digital world people expect much more than a constant barrage of "buy from me" messages or spammy social media posts.

Crafting your marketing message so that it resonates with exactly the people you are seeking to attract is fundamental to success online.

Creating a connection in a way that is ethical and focused on creating a trusting relationship is next.

Nurturing that relationship through to enrolment is the final piece of puzzle.

"From Strangers to Clients" gives you the formula and proven steps to follow that enables you to implement these keys in a way that begins to feel effortless.

You get to save time, and money.

You get to spend more time doing the things you got into business for in the first place - serving your clients, making a difference in the lives of others.

You get to enjoy more time with your family, friends and loved ones free of the burdensome worry of how you will find your next client.

From Strangers to Clients

~ Attract the people you love to work with ~

“When I first started working with Carrie, I was enthusiastic and knew I wanted to change people’s lives for the better but was pretty clueless about how to find clients to help in the first place – especially as I had a limited advertising budget.

Through applying this system I now have all the clients I want, and am confident in how to attract more whenever I need to.

I couldn’t have done it without Carrie and would highly recommend her system to anybody wanting to make a success out of their small business.” Cindy F ~ Image Consultant

The video presentations were entertaining and the messages clear and easy to understand. My client base has increased threefold and is continuing to increase faster than I ever anticipated" ~ Mike U Counsellor

"I love Carrie's approach, learn it and do it. With help available when I got stuck, It's a great way to get into action. To anyone considering taking this program, I'd say just do it! The information provided was so valuable. Carrie is approachable and easy to listen to. I've just signed up a $4,000 client" ~ Tanya E Coach

What do you get with Foundations?

This action-orientated program combines education with action. You will:

  • Crystallise what makes you different from other coaches, counsellors, course creators.

  • Set yourself up for success in a way that is sustainable and gives your business longevity.

  • Use my templates and formulas to craft your Unique Mechanism.

  • Be clear on the value you offer, and know with certainty how to convey that to your audience.

  • The program is structured in such a way that means you create as you go. Applying each step through simple actions identified in each section.

Many programs tell you what you need to do but then abandon you, leaving you on your own to figure out how to implement. This program is different, you implement what you learn each week with options for LIVE support.

Get your questions answered. Never be left in the dark puzzling over how to do things again, or wondering what's next.

How "Foundations for success" helps you

Inside the program, you'll find clear, easy-to-apply steps that will:

Establish strong foundations for a long-lasting business.

Tailor your marketing strategy to your "hidden gold" strengths and skills, so it is easy and fun to sustain.

Build your market position as a credible authority so people actively seek you out.

Attract highly qualified leads that are able to pay for your services.

Once you've built your marketing foundations, your time spent marketing will significantly reduce, leaving you free to do more of what you love.

Feel comfortable and fun so you look forward to marketing.

Optimise and maximise returns from your marketing investment.

To be clear.

This is NOT a "quick-fix" solution.

This is a robust, proven system that will take time to tailor and implement.

You will need to put the work in to see results.

But, once you've created the foundations, "From Strangers to Clients" gives you a solid and unique way to attract people who are as excited to work with you as you are with them, for as long as you want.

Program Outline

This program is a practical, action-focused program divided into six simple-to-implement steps, where you will...

1: Understand Your Marketing Personality

Sustainable business needs a solid base.

To create a solid base you need to first identify your unique personality and core marketing strengths.

Marketing is an ongoing, forever, part of your business.

If your marketing strategy consists of activities you hate doing, how likely are you to keep doing them? Not at all.

So you better make sure the strategy you chose is suited to the person you are.

You'll start the Foundations program with a quiz to identify your marketing personality.

Know Your Marketing Style

2: Know Who Your Audience Are

To attract the people you love to work with, you first need to be clear who they are.

Most marketing programs stop at basic demographics. The problem with this is it means your message will fall short.

In the ever-crowded online world you need to make sure your message sings loudly to your audience so they can hear you.

The better you know your audience, the easier it is to create compelling offers.

With 'From Strangers to Clients Foundations' you dive deep into your audience persona, understanding what truly makes them tick, and their limitations.

Define Your Audience Persona

3: Craft Your Marketing Message

Your success attracting clients is largely determined by the clarity of your message.

You need to create a crystal clear marketing message that shows the value you bring to your clients and why they should work with you.

A core part of your marketing message is having a well-defined business model.

Your clients need to understand where they are in the process of change and what their next steps with you are.

Craft a message so your voice is clear, communicates your unique value, and shines brightly to draw people you'd love to work with towards you.

Craft Your Unique Value Proposition

4: Build a Recognisable Brand + Website

Your brand defines how you show up and are seen by the world. You need consistency to be instantly recognisable.

Learn the psychology behind the choices you make as you define your business persona and brand.

Chances are your funds are limited and you want to make sure you choose technology that is cost-effective and doesn't waste money on stuff you don't need and will never use.

In this module, you'll get to understand the technology you absolutely must have to run your business efficiently. Discover simple options, that are easy to use and won't break the bank.

(As a former Head of I.T. you get to tap into Carrie's technical genius and understand cost-effective solutions)

Discover the critical pages to have on your website, use our templates to get started quickly. Have your website up and running in just a few hours!

Build Your Brand, Develop Your Website

5: Plan Your First 90-Days

As the saying goes: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

To end the Foundations program you'll clearly see your next steps to start attracting clients in the next 90-days.

You'll leave with a crystal clear plan to start attracting people excited to work with you.

Plan Your Next 90-Days

Throughout each module you get templates, worksheets, and checklists, speeding the creation process, making it simple and doable.

Create a sustainable business with a never-ending stream of clients from a marketing strategy tailored to your unique attributes, fun to implement and, most important: Successful.

Set yourself up for success so your prospects ask to work with you.

With daily action steps, demonstrations, and how-to guides you'll never be left wondering what to do next.

Who's This For?

Business Owners & Professionals who are:

  • Starting out, or struggling, unsure what to do first

  • Want to build a sustainable, profitable practice

  • Want to attract people you're excited to work with

"Carrie delights in under-promising and over-delivering. As I write this, I have just been listening to her follow-up to one of her online programs that were jam-packed with value, easy to do exercises, and great videos that clearly showed me what to do to engage with my audience."

- Dr Stephanie S~ Energy Healer

"I already felt that I had what it takes to be a good coach but I knew that there was more to it than just the coaching skills. I realised that I needed to learn how to run a business and to understand how to market and sell myself if I was to achieve my dream.

Working with Carrie has not only allowed me to develop the skills that I needed in marketing and sales, along with the confidence to use them."

~ Ralph G. Life Coach

Amazing content Carrie, very helpful. I've read and thought about my ideal client before but never this deeply and never appreciating why it's so vital. I can see why now. Your offline strategies - brilliant - Absolute nuggets here. I've had so many wasted opportunities simply from not having this valuable wisdom, but all good, because I can go forward differently.

~ Michelle S. Eating Disorder Coach

The total value of the time taken to create this material and the knowledge contained in the Foundations program is well over $1,369

Not to mention the earnings you can achieve when you implement the complete "From Strangers to Clients" system: Foundations + List Building Success...


Imagine, Your clients each pay $100 per session and work with you weekly

Implement "From Strangers to Clients" to attract 60 new leads each week = 240/month

(many clients achieve over 300 leads each month)

Use my Nurture Trust email strategy, to achieve 3% booking rate = 7 discovery calls a month

(industry standard is <2% booking rate)

Use my Clarity, Trust and Connection call script convert 6 out of every 10 prospects (60%) you speak to = 4 new clients every month.

(More than doubling most new coaches, counsellors conversion rates)

I promised 7 new clients by the end of the program, in fact if you get to work and apply all that you learn you could enrol 8 new clients within two months of the end of the program!

Income generated: $100x4x4wks=$1,600 revenue per month

(many coaches and counsellors charge $150-$200 per session - do the math!)

What's Your Investment?

Get started today for one low investment.

What Do You Get?

The Foundations of the entire "From Strangers to Clients" system, including:

  • Identify your marketing personality - tailor your strategy to suit you - make marketing easy and fun.

  • Deep dive into the personality of your best-fit clients - make sure your message resonates with them.

  • How to Set yourself apart from everyone else in your field

  • Craft your value proposition - Share a crystal clear message that your audience want.

  • Build an authentic brand around your personality - stand out from the crowd online & create your welcoming website

  • Plan your way to profit in your first 90-days

  • LIFETIME access and free updates - stay up to date with the latest in marketing.

Value $1,369

Your Once-only Investment:

$ 197

PLUS you have the option to access LIVE support for as long as you need, FREE for the first month:

Marketing Labs - Get feedback on your strategy & message

When you're starting out, it's inevitable that you'll have questions. With so many decisions to be made.

For example: You'll need to figure out:

  • What information does your audience want to know?

  • Does my message sound enticing?

  • Am I showing my unique value?

That's why I've included the option for LIVE calls to make sure you get your questions answered.

Value $3,000

Special Bonus: Foundations Discussion Forum

My passion is YOUR success. I know that one of the biggest obstacles to success is having to sit around and wait for answers to your questions.

That's why I created this special bonus for you.

I'm all about keeping things simple and straight-forward, because I know this is what generates results fastest.

So we have a discussion forum as part of your membership area. Unlike other programs, you won't have to worry about accessing Facebook to post comments or ask questions, you access the discussion forum directly from the same place as the program content.

This makes it easy and fast to get your questions answered when you need answers.

We aim to respond within 24-48 business hours, excluding holidays.

Value $priceless

The value of accessing expert mentoring & feedback:


Special introductory rate to access LIVE support:

(Just select "Marketing Labs' at checkout - your first month is FREE)

$ 117p.c.m

Carrie Wallis is The Marketing Mentor for the Helping Professions

Carrie's wealth of experience and generosity in sharing means you will enjoy unparalleled support as you work to implement marketing and attract clients into your business.

Carrie delivers energising confidence so you will not only know what to do and how to do it but also believe that you CAN do it.

The pivotal moment for Carrie's business came when she realised that the secret sauce needed to sign-up more clients was the relationship and trust you establish by showing the transformation they can achieve from working with you. Knowing this is not enough on its own, you need to know how to captivate your audience and share this message - this is what Carrie is genius at helping you do.

Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious. Feel welcomed and valued from the start. Enjoy your program and know Carrie is there to support you.


What if you hate technology and are unsure which to use?

It doesn't matter what level of comfort you have with technology, the tools and methods you will learn in this program are simple to apply and you are supported throughout as you take the actions you need.

You get access to my "Ultimate Resource Guide for Marketing Tools" along with a video showing the exact functionality you need - Make sure you only buy the technology you need.

At every step there are video demonstrations for you to follow along with making it easy to know which buttons to click, when and in what order.

FAQ image

What if you have a track record of taking programs then never doing anything with them?

The program is fun and there will be surprises and bonuses for you to enjoy along the way; experience shows us that these help keep you motivated and inspired to action.

Learning as part of a small group experience is exciting and helps keep you on track.

Ultimately, the progress you make is up to you. Take responsibility for your business by taking the simple actions identified at each step.

FAQ image

What if you like to talk through ideas, brainstorming before you decide?

You're not on your own, unless you want to be. Add the optional "Marketing Labs" and receive LIVE support on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. These calls give you the chance to get feedback from Carrie and others in the group on your messaging, strategy, and more.

The Foundations discussion forum that comes as a bonus when you choose to join Marketing Labs, gives you the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals. Some forge relationships that last long beyond the program.

FAQ image

I'm not in your time zone can I still attend the calls?

Absolutely, the support calls are held at 10am on Wednesdays, Sydney time = 3 pm PST; 6 pm EST

If you are unable to attend live you can post any questions or items you want feedback on in the discussion forum and Carrie will make sure she answers your queries on the call.

You will get access to the call recordings as well through your program portal.

FAQ image

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely: If, after setting your foundations and completing List Building Success, and implementing all the action steps, you still haven't signed on any clients, Carrie will work with you one-on-one for 3 months of laser-focused coaching to identify what's blocking you, releasing those blocks.

FAQ image

What would you say to someone considering registering for this program?

"Just do it! The information provided was so valuable. Carrie is so approachable and easy to listen to. I loved the workshop booklets for each session. It is amazing value for what you get"

- Tanya E

"Marketing doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. So go for it, you will learn so many practical and doable ways to find clients in this program"

- Jill S

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