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How Can Counselling Help With Grief?

Grief can be insiduous and seep into every aspect of life. Bereavement counselling provides a safe, calm space where you can talk about your loved one, share memories to continue the bond and enable you to return to life at a pace that is right for you.

Grief is an individual experience and no two people will experience the same emotions or reactions. Working with Carrie provides you the opportunity to explore your own reactions, without judgment, at a speed that matches your own rhythm; so that you can honour your loss and never forget, whilst moving forward to joyful life once more, changed forever, yet able to laugh once more.

Equally a diagnosis of Depression or anxiety can be debilitating. It can feel as if life, as you knew it is over. Finding the right support to guide you through the worst times and support you to recovery is vital. Wellness can be attained and recovery chosen. There is no one-size fits all path, recovery is as individual as you are and that's why I've developed some simple steps not just to reach your speed of wellness, but also to maintain it. 

There's no price-tag on wellness, which is why I work with individuals where they're comfortable, willing, and able to be. We can schedule a call, meet in person, or online or you can participate in my video courses. Come as you are, and leave able

"I thought I'd never smile again, until I started working with Carrie. She helped me truly understand what had happened and get to a place where I can accept my past without being weighed down by it, able to cope when the sadness is triggered, and able to start living again without feeling guilty or that I am somehow betraying my mother"

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It starts with you.

Your first consultation is 100% free and you'll leave the call with your very own wellness map.

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