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Ideas To Promote Your Private Practice and Grow Your Business

Author: Carrie Wallis Dec 2018 updated Aug 2022

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If you have recently established your small business or private practice; or even if you have been around for a while and are ready to boost your growth. You will have a million different things to think about and you can't be an expert in everything. 

What you need are marketing strategies that have been proven to work to help you cut through the myriad ways you can grow your practice.

In today's post, I share some tried and tested ideas that will help get you up and running with new clients or customers knocking at your door...

First of all, what do we mean by marketing - is it the same thing as advertising?

No, it's not:
- Advertising is the business of drawing public attention to goods and services;
- Marketing is the way you create value for your customers and build strong customer relationships.

Advertising is a part of marketing, but marketing is much more than just advertising. 

Marketing encompasses the whole process from the initial connection with a total stranger through all the steps to the enrolment of a paying client.

What Makes Marketing Effective?

When you create value for your audience you increase their desire to work with you or buy from you. Equally important, you increase the likelihood they will return to buy again and again. This creates a sustainable business and explodes your growth.

To do this you need to use business marketing ideas that are cost-effective. In other words, which creates great value for the customer but at a low cost for your business.

The process does not stop with client enrolment. Satisfying and delighting your existing customers, you increase the chance they will recommend you to others, thus bringing an even greater return to your initial investment in marketing.

What Sort of Business Marketing Ideas Can I Employ?

What do your customers really want?

A group of yachtsmen called in at a hotel on a small Scottish island for a meal and asked if they could use the showers while it was prepared. The meal was great, but unfortunately, there was no water for the showers. The yachtsmen were very unhappy. The hotel manager was baffled - "but the chef prepares everything to order, the chips are hand-cut, the meat is fresh"...

He really hadn't understood - it was not the meal the guys were buying, it was the chance to get a decent hot shower!

How can you know what your potential clients really value? Talk to them. You may be surprised at the reasons they are choosing your products or services. They are often reasons you won't have thought about.

Armed with this knowledge you can concentrate your marketing efforts (and money) on the things that actually matter to your customers.

You will need different business marketing strategies for different products and different markets, so ask yourself 3 questions:

  • Who am targeting?
  • How will I reach them?
  • What will I offer them that they will cherish?

 Improve the visibility of your business: 

Some ideas to get yourself and make sure your business is known in your local community:

Make sure that all your vehicles (even your own car) carry suitable promotional material.

Become well known in your local community by sponsoring local events, running competitions, writing for the local newspaper or speaking on local radio.

Make your premises available for local weekend or evening events.

Make sure flyers for your business are available in as many locations as possible where there is a good footfall of suitable potential customers: the local libraries, health centers, fitness clubs, shopping centers 

Use social media to widen your presence in the online domain

Develop a website that uses back-links and effective S.E.O (Search Engine Optimisation) to increase your brand's presence

Capitalise on your existing customer base 

Ideas here to delight your past and existing clients:

Offer a loyalty bonus for repeat purchases 

Offer incentives for existing customers to recommend their friends 

Offer rewards for filling out a short survey on your business (you will gain information and customer loyalty)

These are just the tip of a very large iceberg of possibilities.

Why not try brainstorming some more ideas? The best business marketing ideas are the ones that you think of yourself and tailor to your business.

I hope you have found the ones listed here helpful to get you started.

One of the most effective ways to brainstorm is to use the power of a group, something magical happens when we work with others, ideas spark from each other and a much better outcome can result. If you are interested in working with a group of like-minded business owners driven to succeed, why not apply to join our communityit's free and provides a safe place to share ideas, get resources, and access experts in marketing.

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About The Author

Carrie Wallis, Author and founder of the "From Strangers 2 Clients to Champions" client attraction system for helping professionals, has been successfully running her own business and finding clients in the online space since 2000. Over the years she has supported countless Life Coaches and Counsellors to build their own practice and find clients and loves nothing more than seeing her clients enjoy the time freedom that comes from having an automated marketing funnel in place. When she is not serving her clients she can be found chilling with her beloved family or out walking in the Australian bush.