Anxiety & Stress Relief to Build Resilience to Adversity

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Stress is insidious, it can creep up on you and before you know it you are struggling to complete even the most basic daily activities.

Building self-awareness to know when stress is taking hold before it becomes burnout is a core strategy to creating a resilient self able to withstand trauma and unforeseen change.

Check out the posts below to discover empowering strategies for awareness and resilience, grow as a person so that you can make a difference in the world, and live your life on your terms.

About Your Author...

Carrie Wallis experienced traumatic stress when she lost her husband to cancer, while still young and with two small children to raise.

The strategies she shares will help keep you focused and avoid loosing yourself in a vortex of pain.

Renowned for her generosity in sharing, and systems that work, enjoy reading her posts below...


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Tips For Handling Stress - Free Video Training

Is this you?

Do you feel you're sinking under the ever-increasing list of things to do?

Watch this video for imaginative ways to get yourself on top of things and relieve stress. Watch now

Bouncing Back After a Setback Is Easy Isn't It?

We all experience stress and troubles from time to time in our lives. The question is how fast can we get back on our feet?

Being resilient is viewed today as one of the primary indicators of a successful person.

How resilient are you?

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Is Peace Of Mind Really So Elusive?

For many the answer is sadly "yes", but let's ask ourselves why this is?

What is peace of mind? Dictionaries state it is the absence of mental stress or anxiety.

​So how can we create this state for ourselves?

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Finding Joy After Loss

Loss can be devastating, and it is easy to think we will never be happy again.

This post shares some ways to find joy after losing someone close. Continue reading...

Anxiety Is More Common Than You May Think

is this you

Watch this 1 minute video, created by Beyond Blue, see if it rings true for you.

​Anxiety is a common mental health condition that is often not reported, people suffer in silence and yet recovery is possible. Read on to find out more

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The Three A's To Coping With Stress


Stress. Almost all of us will experience this state at some point, for many, it is a constant in their lives. It can debilitate, at its worst it can lead to severe mental health or physical issues.

Learning to cope with stress is one of the most empowering things you can do. 

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Take Control of Anxiety

stop anxiety

Anxiety and stress are common factors when waiting for big news. How do you handle the wait? Maybe you are waiting on a diagnosis for chronic or terminal illness for yourself or your loved one? Maybe you're waiting for news on a momentous move or promotion? There are many events that can cause anxiety to rear its head, and if we are not careful it can threaten to overwhelm us. However, you can take steps to reduce your nervousness. Continue reading...

Healing After Trauma

From time to time, we all experience unfortunate events, situations, and traumas. Although traumas might involve physical injuries and damage, they can also be emotional. It can be easy to brush aside such emotional impacts, but if unaddressed, the results of these emotional experiences can last for years.  

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Lonely This Christmas?

Christmas blues

This is a time of year when most are enjoying time with family and friends, sharing laughter and love.

​But what happens if your loved ones are far away or you have no one to connect with? It can be a trying time to say the least.

​Carrie shares some tips to help you  get through this festive season.

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How Depressed Are We?

how depressed are we

Almost everywhere you look these days there is some reference to depression.

Statistics such as 1 in 7 people will experience depression during their lives. Why is this?

We don't have to look too far to find the answer.
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Do Programs For Depression Work?


There are many programs and products out there that claim to make a difference to depression.

The key question is do they actually do anything to help?

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Why Do We Get Depressed?


Why do some people get depressed and others seem to go through life without care?

You will hear many reasons given for why people get depressed... genetics, biochemistry, age, gender, stress; the list goes on.

​In this article, we explore what the possible causes may be.
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Relieving Stress At This Busy Time Of Year

relieving stress

Do you find yourself stressed out at this time of year? Too much to do too little time to do it in? Wanting it all to be perfect?
Christmas can be a pressure cooker of stress.

Find out how to relieve some of that pressure with these stress busting tips.
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