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We've all been there hey... we achieve a qualification and sit back. It can be easy to think we've made it, that's it, there is no more to learn. Right?

No! I firmly believe that to be the very best coach or therapist we can possibly be we need to continue studying, enhance our skills and expand our repertoire of interventions and exercises.

Check out the posts below to keep your skills updated, expand your techniques and gain deeper understanding so you can best serve your customers and clients.

resilience and empowerment coach

About Your Author...

Carrie Wallis has a lifelong love of learning.

Read her posts below to benefit from the thousands of dollars she has spent and years of study honing her therapeutic and coaching skills.

Renowned for her generosity in sharing, and systems that work, enjoy reading her posts below...


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Discover 10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence


Supplement Your Coaching Income With a Course

A great way to supplement your coaching or therapy income is to create an online course.

But many get stuck wondering what they can teach or how they can convert their knowledge into a course that will sell. Discover easy steps to get started. Continue reading...

How Important Is Emotional Intelligence For Life Coaches?

Emotional Intelligence has been proven to be more important than IQ.

Coaches with a high level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) have been shown to be more effective at influencing others, making better decisions, and coping better with stress.
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How To Make Sure Your Team Are All Pulling In The Same Direction

Getting people to work well together is one of the toughest challenges facing any leader.   

How to make everyone feel their ideas are welcomed, encouraging active participation, resolving in-fights can be stressful and, at times, demoralizing. 

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Coaches Communicate Effectively Don't They?

What is coaching, really?

It's communicating in a way that inspires people to act, isn't it?
So then what is effective communication?
How many think that good communication is all talk talk talk?

I talk, you hear - isn't that what communication is?

Communication is more complex than that.
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What Makes a Good Life Coach?

skills of coaching

Coaches are born, aren't they?

Just like leaders, the characteristics of a coach are inbuilt? yes?

​​While it is true that certain personalities are viewed as charismatic and likely to engender trust and followers. Coaching is a skill that can be developed, learn how...

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Are You Happy With Your Career?

Do you find yourself waking up on a Monday morning with that dreaded sinking feeling?

I used to be the same. It was an extremely well-paid job and yet satisfaction and fulfillment were missing. continue reading...

How To Be More Employable

Softskills, otherwise known as "employability skills" are those skills that are transferable between jobs.

Many companies will not worry too much if you do not have the technical abilities for the role IF you can demonstrate the core soft skills of... continue reading...

5 Things You Need To Know About

How good a leader are you?

How much influence do you carry?

Not sure?

Read on to discover how you can find out how good a leader you are.

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The Top Questions Asked At Interview and How To Answer Them

Even getting an interview with a company can be difficult these days so if you have one you must prepare and be ready for the questions they will ask.

Thankfully the top interview questions are not so difficult continue reading...

What To Say In Your Covering Letter To Increase Your Chances of Getting An Interview

It never ceases to amaze me how common self-sabotage is when it comes to applying for jobs.

​One of the top ways you can hinder your chances of even getting an interview is...
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How Workplace Communication Is Changing

Communication in the workplace can be fraught with hidden dangers; that off-the-cuff remark you made about the Chairman to a colleague while at the coffee machine can come back to haunt you.

Discover how communication at work is changing and what you can to do increase your effectiveness

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