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Cindy F ~ Image, Style and Life Coach

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Carrie helped me market myself cost-effectively.....

When I first started my coaching with Carrie, I was enthusiastic and knew I wanted to change people’s lives for the better but was pretty clueless about how to find clients to help in the first place – especially as I had a limited advertising budget.

As well as helping me to market myself cost-effectively, Carrie also helped me to identify self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back and, when required,  provided challenges to help me move out of my comfort zone,  and supported and encouraged me when I needed that too.  

From having a handful of clients and little experience in public speaking,  Within just one month of working with Carrie, I have booked several one-to-one clients,  run regular workshops,  have created a program of downloadable products and through effective networking,  I have established several profitable strategic alliances and joint ventures.   I have also recently been approached by a production company to make a short film for a potential series of documentaries for a major television channel!

I couldn’t have done it without Carrie and would highly recommend her to anybody wanting to make a success out of their small business. Thank you, Carrie!

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