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What Other's Say About Working With Carrie...

Rennee Norcross ~ Executive Coach

working with carrie wallis

~Tatjana D: Counsellor

This workshop was by far the best training on client attraction I have ever attended.

The structure of the training was excellent, information easy to understand, practical tips priceless and Carrie's availability/ accessibility during the workshop was invaluable."


Doyle B ~ Coach

Jen Reimund ~ Hypnosis Coach

This is exactly what I needed...

"I found it the process very structured. This is exactly what I needed. I had no idea how in depth it all was & needed to be.

I had no social media presence. My website needed to be completely overhauled. I had no landing pages – Didn’t know what a landing page was! No online business at all, no structure or framework.

Now I have a functioning website, landing pages and a social media presence. Within just 3 months of starting from scratch I'd signed up my first client.


~Marie C: Counsellor

~ Susan H: Business Owner

Carrie's approach is to listen but not to allow one to wallow in self-pity.

She has transformed my life, somehow managing to push the 'reset' button for me and I am, and will remain very grateful to her for this"


"I was struggling to understand the world of marketing.

Her video presentations are entertaining and the messages were clear and easy to understand and implement.

My client base has increased threefold and is continuing to increase faster than I ever anticipated."


~Mike U: Counsellor

~ Cindy F: Image, Style and Life Coach

Carrie helped me market myself cost-effectively.....

From having a handful of clients and little experience in public speaking,  Within just one month of working with Carrie, I have booked several one-to-one clients,  run regular workshops,  have created a program of downloadable products and through effective networking,  I have established several profitable strategic alliances and joint ventures.   I have also recently been approached by a production company to make a short film for a potential series of documentaries for a major television channel!


"Carrie's style is challenging and inspiring.

Her coaching has made a massive difference in my life. I have dealt with beliefs that were holding me back and as a result, I now network with ease, no longer stuck by fear.

My business is thriving,

I can get new clients whenever I need.



- Marjorielyn Campbell: Life Coach

~ Ralph Goldsmith: Life Coach

"Carrie's style is supportive, yet challenging. Working with Carrie has not only allowed me to develop the skills I needed in marketing and sales, along with the confidence to use them.

She has also shown me that I can do better than being a good coach, that I can be a great one!"


"From the moment I first spoke to Carrie, I felt safe and supported.

I was at a total loss, had tried counselling before but I don't easily connect with people.

With Carrie, I felt such warmth and compassion I felt respected for who I am. I didn't have to pretend with her and was able to open up. As a result, I haven't had a panic attack for the last six months"


~ D.C:

(I wish to remain anonymous due to the traumatic issues I needed help with)

~ Dr Steph: Energy Healer

"Right away, I knew Carrie had lived my challenges in building a business. I felt right as if she has walked in my shoes.

I read her book with growing excitement because I found the answers I had been seeking for many years. This book is jam-packed with examples, solutions, and working options. I feel as if Carrie is right beside me and I appreciate her great heart and wisdom.

Everyone will learn something that will help them grow in their business.


The news of quality training filters down the line quickly...

"OMG! I have been having a brain explosion, there is so much great information. I do not know what I would have done without your workshop, Carrie, thanks so much. Using your system I've just run an event for over 100 people!

The video training and the detailed content really helped me to understand my marketplace-target market and how to reach them, add value to them and to nurture them from strangers to clients.

Carrie offers so many value adds, I received far more than I had anticipated. On completion I decided to continue with Carrie and have one on one coaching.

Carrie is so patient. Carrie you are an amazing coach and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating an online businesses and live event.


Karen S ~ Event Planner Ageing Fearlessly

~ Emma C: Life Coach

"Working with Carrie has been very powerful, enlightening, and an absolute pleasure.....

My Marketing strategy has detail that I never would have imagined and the focus and results have been amazing.


“Brilliant, Carrie, so many absolute nuggets here.

I can see how I've wasted so many opportunities simply from not having the valuable wisdom you have shared.

Now I'm moving forward.”

~Michelle S: Anxiety Counsellor

~ Gareth D: Life Coach

The timing of your challenges has been exquisite...

"The exercises really make you focus on what you already have in the locker and that you really do have so much more in your life which is good. In fact you already have it all and the only thing to do going forward is to find something you love and what you want your life to be about. 

I do know that what ever happens in my life from now on I'm going to be so much happier so much more centred, I've really changed right in the core of me.


I have now doubled my earnings...

“Thank you for pushing me, I never thought it would be possible to achieve the income I have so soon. I have now doubled my earnings and have clients lined up, it is an amazing feeling.”

Dawn M: Tutor

Confident. Prosperous. Energised

Work with the coach who has helped people all over the globe unleash their personal, professional, and business power.

Unleash Your Brilliance.

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