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Marie C ~ Counsellor

working with carrie wallis

I found it the process very structured. This is exactly what I needed. I had no idea how in depth it all was & needed to be.

Before I started working with Carrie, I had no social media presence. My website needed to be completely overhauled. I had no landing pages – Didn’t know what a landing page was! No online business at all, no structure or framework.

The biggest wins? Now, I have a new functioning website, landing pages and a social media presence. I benefitted from Carries great insights & knowledge. There isn’t a question she can’t answer. Her support is amazing.

Results achieved? Within three months of starting with Carrie, starting from scratch, I signed on my first client. I now consistently bring in 20+ leads each week and from those 40-60% book calls.

I was really ignorant of the amount of work it takes to get up and running. It's like a science in itself & Carrie has the formula. Now I've completed the program and implemented the getting started formula my results are consistent and there is little I have to do each week to maintain it.

Now, I'm getting ready to scale.

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Work with the coach who has helped people all over the globe unleash their personal, professional, and business power.

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