Meet Carrie Wallis:

Best-Selling Author, Expert Marketer, Coach,

Counsellor & Supervisor, Speaker & Educator...

I have worked in the field of human endeavour and business success since 2000

I have failed more times than I care to remember. Been full of self-doubt and fear.

Initially my business was little more than a hobby income, (earning < $2000 over 3 months)

But then I found myself alone, broke with no choice but to succeed or face the very real prospect of losing our home.

This is when I created my 'From Strangers to Clients' heart centred marketing system, and have not looked back.

My clients tell me I have a natural warmth, am easy to talk with, "know my stuff", and have a quirky sense of humour. They always leave a session with me feeling empowered, uplifted, heard, and clear on what they need to do to move forward.

I believe success comes from having a deep sense of well-being, knowing who you are, being confident in your abilities;  in control of your life, sure of the direction you are headed, with a clear idea of what you need to do, how to do it, and have the support you need as you take action.

Because I have run my business since 2000, finding a way to attract ideal clients without feeling sleazy or consuming all your time I can support you to build and grow your therapy practice and coaching business.

What They Are Saying About Me And My Book...

Mike U ~ Counsellor

3x Increase In Client Enquiry & Uptake

I was struggling to understand the world of marketing.

Carrie made me feel at ease to communicate openly with her and others in the group.

Since I began engaging with Carrie, my client base has increased threefold and is continuing to increase faster than I ever anticipated.


Dr Steph S ~ Energy Healer

Unique Generosity Of Spirit

"Carrie is knowledgeable and wise and has a generosity of spirit that is rarely matched.

She delights in under-promising and over-delivering.

I read her book with growing excitement because I found the answers I had been seeking for many years.

This book is jam-packed with examples, solutions, and working options. I feel as if Carrie is right beside me and I appreciate her great heart and wisdom.

I've just signed my first $4,000 client thanks to Carrie's system!"


C Forbes ~ Style Coach

My Marketing Is Now Cost Effective

When I first started my coaching with Carrie, I was pretty clueless about how to find clients – especially as I had a limited advertising budget.

Carrie helped me to identify self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back and, when required, provided challenges to help me move out of my comfort zone.
Supporting me as I overcame massive self-doubt.

Within just one month of working with Carrie, I booked several one-to-one clients,
run regular workshops,
and now have profitable strategic alliances and joint ventures.


Gareth D ~ Business Owner

The Timing Of Your Challenges Is Exquisite

"The exercises make you focus on what you already have in the locker and that you really do have so much more in your life which is good.

I know that what ever happens in my life from now on I'm going to
be so much happier so much more centered, I've really changed right in the core of me.

You waited for the perfect moment to introduce the bullshit alarm!


I'm passionate about giving you the support and guidance you deserve so you can live in Confident Prosperity.

My vision is for you to live a life of no regrets. 

To know you have achieved all you set out to.

To become the person you deserve to be; The very best you can be.

To achieve success in both business and life.

Living by your choice and design.

Having overcome some major traumas (the death of my husband and my own cancer journey), triumphed over many setbacks in marketing my private practice. 

I know what it takes to succeed. 

I understand the difficulties life can throw at us.

I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed constantly juggling the balls of life - family, business, self-care.

I've learned what to do to keep going when the outlook is bleak.

I'm privileged to have been able to help countless people not only survive major life setbacks but go on to thrive, achieve success.

I'd love to support you on this journey too.

My greatest reward?

- seeing  you  happy, successful, and thriving!

Work with me if you're a solo service provider...

…and want to love marketing to attract people as excited to work with you as you are with them, even if you're time poor or hate technology!

Work with me if you're a professional who wants to...

  • Increase your confidence

  • be more comfortable with who you are - learn to love yourself "warts n all!"

  • be who you deserve to be - become your best self

  • communicate clearly so everyone hears what you have to say

  • relieve stress to live anxiety-free

  • manage anger and resolve conflicts to strengthen relationships

  • gain clarity on where to from here - know your purpose with certainty

I show how you can radiate confidence from deep within, be at peace with yourself, empowered to take the action you need to achieve your dreams.

Live to your purpose.

How is working with me different from others?

With me, you not only discover what you need to do to achieve the success you desire,

but you'll also identify and resolve any underlying issues that may have blocked you from living the life you desire in the past.

Without this deeper work, any progress made may not be maintained.

I don't want that for you.

I make sure that the changes you make are sustainable.

I know I've done my job when you can carry on without me.

My focus is your empowered success!

How many of us can truly say we feel heard in our daily lives?

Not many I think? 

If you are determined to be successful, long for self-confidence and purpose,

but are unsure how to move forward call me today and let's discuss what you need.

Come try working with me and see for yourself what a difference we can make together.

Unleash Your Brilliance.

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