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How Does Life Coaching Help?

August 29, 202312 min read

“You have one life in which to do everything you'll ever do. Act accordingly” - Colin Wright

Ponder These Life Questions...

  • Are you struggling to get where you want to be?

  • Are you working on a business project, situation or goal that could use help and support? Some expert counsel?

  • Is there a situation or problem that is, frankly, messing up your life?

  • Are you ready to orient your life around what you really want?

  • Have you reached that point in your life where its time to focus on you?

  • Are you fed up where you are at and ready to make a change for the better?

If you answered yes to any of these, you will benefit from my coaching service.

what is life coaching and how does it work?

Coaching as a distinct professional service got off the ground in 1992, and has since grown to become the fastest growing segment of the adult education market, My training was with a company that leads the UK market in terms of quality and Service of coaches and offers the most advanced coach training in the UK with coaches training for over 200 hours. In an industry that typically offers 6 day training programs. In other words, having achieved a High Distinction in my qualification you can be assured that I know my stuff and know how to apply the theory to help you in your situation.
But lets get back to you, your life and what you want out of it.
Have you ever considered what would be truly possible for you if you had someone in your corner who always believed in you, was infinitely patient yet had the courage to push when needed, and who helped you tap into the special skills and talents that most of us never have had the good fortune of discovering – mush less leveraging?
That last one – special skills and talents – is key, really.
You could probably train a dog to bark and wag his tail at all the tight times to keep you motivated, and you may be getting enough personal encouragement from your spouse, co-workers, professional network and/or friends.
But who do you spend time with who has been specially trained to help you discover and fully leverage that “special stuff” that each human has, but rarely makes the most of?
Until now, most humans have been too busy surviving and following the rules to fully develop themselves and make the most of what they have got. It’s becoming very clear that we are now at that stage of human, societal and technological development where each person has not just the possibility to reach his or her own potential, but the probability of doing so if or she can access the right tools and create a nurturing and challenging personal and professional environment.
Thanks to our relatively freethinking and independent culture – we see the inherent personal and financial value of developing one’s individuality and individuality is essential for long term stress free fulfilment, success and satisfaction in a rapidly evolving world.
Perhaps it sounds a bit “Byron Bay” to say that you deserve to be your own person, but its true. Think about it Scientists have said that we only use 7% of our brains. From the look of things, it sure seems like we’re only using 7% of our talents and skills as well. In other words, we’re only using – figuratively 7% of our lives to live our lives. But with a coach you can “increase” that figure and improve the quality of your life as a result.

What is 'quality of life' anyway?

  • Is it making more money?

  • Is it having more time to spend with your kids?

  • Is it travelling to every place in the world that holds some attraction for you?

  • Or is it getting up each morning and looking forward to the day, happy to be alive?

 Quality of life is all that and more.   It also includes:

  •  a reduction in personal or business problems,

  • an outright elimination of things you are putting up with and tolerating in your life,

  • and a strengthening of what we call your Core Strength, so that you rise above the muck of life.

Even so, few clients come to me and ask for help improving their quality of life. People come to me because they either want to achieve something, fix something or make an important change in their life.   Fair enough.  The choice is yours.
I have worked with people on practical things like:

  • starting a business,

  • improving a relationship,

  • getting a raise,

  • choosing a new career,

  • getting more clients,

  • coming up with a Life Plan,

  • developing a marketing strategy for their business,

  • learning leadership skills,

  • reducing stress in all its forms,

  • getting a project back on track,

  • prioritizing activities,

  • integrating a disjointed life,

  • getting more done during the day without rushing,

  • and having more fun.

Can coaching really help you do all that?   Yes.  And more.   You see professional coaches are trained to work with clients on over 200 different types of goals, problems, and situations.
Even friends and family, while usually supportive, aren’t trained in the art of achievement, success or the process of coaching. Coaching really is a unique set of skills that takes about two years to learn and about five years to master. (Curious about these skills? Perhaps you would like to become a coach yourself? 
click here to book a time to discuss and I'll show you how to build a successful business from home helping others, and which the best courses for teaching the skills of life coaching are)

But shouldn’t I be able to coach myself?  

Yes, you can coach yourself. It’s called self-talk and willpower.  It works, but only when you remember to do it, or when you are in the mood.  Not so good when you’re in the middle of a huge goal or project and are having problems. Or when you need a helicopter view of where you’re at and where you’re going.
See, that’s the problem when you try to go it alone. All you can see is what you can see. That’s just not good enough in a world that’s getting networked and where increased perspective is as important as dedication and persistence.
If you want to get somewhere interesting in life, you’ll likely need an outside view, the support to follow your dreams, and a strategy to help you save time and money.
All you need to get value from coaching is a strong desire to achieve something, to have something in your life you want to change and a willingness to learn new ways of going about it, and openness to include someone else in the process. That’s it. That’s all you need. You don’t even need to know exactly what your goals are. Or to have “everything in order” in your life. That can be part of the coaching process. Come as you are. That’s the best place to start.
"Hmmmmm, I’m intrigued, but I’m still trying to figure out why coaching works" 

Well, that’s the right question.
Its very important that you know what coaching is and why it works.

After all, you are buying a professional service. 

Coaching works for three basic reasons:

1.    We form a Collaborative partnership - I am there for you. I understand the creative and achievement process and know when to pull, when to push and when to shut up. I am on your side. I can draw out and help you focus on your strengths, not waste time trying to overcome your weaknesses. I am here for you to share your dreams and ideas with, with the assurance that you will be heard and respected, no matter what. I come to know you and help you focus on what matters most to you.
By the way, the ability to powerfully collaborate is one of those meta-skills for the new millennium and you’ll master it naturally during your time working with me, as a bonus. (What’s a meta-skill? There are 20 such skills that make life – and business – simple, rewarding, and easy)

 We connect frequently - Weekly or fortnightly. Coaching with me works because we talk frequently,  this can be face to face, over the phone, or online using my video conferencing depending on the distance. (I have clients all over the world).

This gives you a consistent structure that provides a supportive framework for whatever you are working on.

My clients find that we develop a together focus, which generates more commitment and, to be blunt, ensures you take the actions you know are needed to reach your goals, no self-talk or willpower is needed.

Self-talk and willpower are antiques anyway.

We focus on you, not just the goal. There are two parts to sustainable success -the Who (you) and the What (the goal).

 To work exclusively on the goal (the What) can make you one-dimensional, thus limiting the opportunity you have to develop and evolve, which are key to long-term fulfilment. After all, goals usually don’t bring fulfilment.

You bring fulfilment.

Reaching goals, while very important, is only one aspect of living well.

When you work with me we work on you the person as well as the goal, the thing, we ensure your change and success are sustainable.

The work we do is not a quick fix that falls apart when you have left. I ensure that you can sustain and further grow on your own.
Wondering what part of “you” you focus on during your time with me?

That is entirely up to you, but clients tell me they enjoy this self-focus, which can include wants, needs, values, vision, lifestyle, sensitivity, peace, joy, choice, strengths, talents, gifts, toleration-reduction, dilemma resolution, desires, love, relating skills, standards, boundaries, core strength, whims, feelings, creativity, bigger thinking, understanding, acceptance, and happiness.

You know, the basic stuff that often seems to come dead last in a busy life. 

One goal of working with me is that “you can have it all, without paying the price”.

What I often find is that when the Who (meaning you) is taken care of, you actually need - and want – less.
(Note to strivers: striving comes with a high cost to yourself, your body, and your relationships. There is another way to succeed. Coaching with me can show you how)
What do we talk about in coaching? 

The truth is, you won’t really know until you try coaching yourself for 30 days. By the end of that time, it will be clear to you that it’s incredibly worthwhile or that it’s not.

How much does it cost?

Well, of course everyone is different, but coaching with me costs less than the cost of the average coffee and croissant each morning.

Working with me requires no commitment, other than the commitment you make to yourself, and you are under no obligation, we work together for as long, or as short a period as you chose.

You are in the driving seat.
Fortunately, the coaching profession is very “clean”. Most of my clients come via word of mouth from satisfied clients so you can rest easy knowing you are working with a woman of integrity who values honesty and trust extremely highly.
Another way to look at this is to ask yourself, “what could it cost me or my business NOT to have a coach right now?”

Accountants call that type of loss an “opportunity cost”. In other words, what it costs you not to have done something.
I really can help, either as your coach or by providing a referral to another coach. I know a good many other coaches around the Country, indeed have helped them establish their own business, so if it's not a match between us I can still be a resource for you. 

Who can benefit from coaching?

1. Individuals who are stuck, unhappy at a crossroads with their lives or career, and are determined to effect a change.
2. Small business owners who want to increase sales, get more clients, reduce stress, and enjoy their life more.
3. Professionals and small business entrepreneurs from any field who are ready to develop a marketing strategy for their practice and wish to arrange for the support to make it happen.
4. Managers and executives who have tons of responsibility and a lot at stake, and who want to increase their effectiveness without burning out from the stress.

Do you meet the criteria?
If you want to work with me, then know that I especially enjoy working with people who are:

  1. Under high or extreme stress, but are willing to work through to a permanent solution.

  2. Highly motivated or creative individuals who want a really quick coach to keep them focused and challenged.

  3. Rapidly evolving – emotionally, intellectually and spiritually – and want a coach to help them integrate what they’ve been learning and help them perfect their personal and business environment so that these are conducive to their continued evolution.

  4. Business owners, particularly those in the help professions - life coaches themselves, counsellors, energy healers and the like who are stuck and unsure how to grow to profit

My coaching style is both intuitive and logical. In other words, my left brain and my right brain get along pretty well.
I would like to spend some time talking with you over the phone and listening to...

  • the issues you’re facing; 

  • what you would love to change in your life or about you; 

  • what are your dreams are

  • and to learn what a perfect life would look or feel like to you. 

Toward the end, I’ll share a couple of thoughts with you based on what I’ve heard. If you like what you hear, let’s try coaching for a month. If there’s not a match between us, let me provide you with a referral to a coach who will be a match. I’m happy to spend my time with you, whether we work together or not; it is part of the service that I offer to anyone who calls.

Click here to reserve your time with me, lets chat and see if we are a fit.

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Carrie Wallis ~ Shine With Confidence

Carrie Wallis knows what it is like to doubt yourself and believe you are not good enough. She has learnt the only way for others to believe in you is to first believe in yourself. Creator of the Shine From Within Empowered Confidence system to help you move from uncertain to unstoppable. Renowned for her generosity in sharing, and systems that work, enjoy reading her posts...

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