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Tanya D ~ Relation ship Counsellor

working with carrie wallis

"I had attended another workshop on client attraction before this one and wasn't sure that the ideas were the best way forward for me or how useful the workshop with Carrie would be for me.

The way Carrie presents information and the care and attention that was given to each participant made me more confident in my approach. The ongoing coaching with Carrie has been invaluable.

Carrie is so approachable and easy to listen to. I loved the workshop booklets for each session. It is amazing value for what you get. Don't waste money on other courses, this one is all you need.

The learning sessions were live and interactive which was fantastic. I love Carrie's approach, learn it then do it. I loved the 'do it' sections so when you got stuck you could ask and get help immediately. I'm so glad I did the course with Carrie."

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